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Language Skills in the standards from an SLP Lens - summary of language skills in the standards

Standards Charts: Listed below are charts with standards listed by levels: elementary, middle, and high school. They are listed by grade levels and strands to help SLPs see the horizontal and vertical progression. The charts are for Language Arts, but we will be adding others soon.

These standards are complex and will need to be “unwrapped” or “broken down” into more discrete language skills. However, SLPs can easily see language skills that can be translated into goal/objectives for deficit skills (e.g., retelling, main idea, important details, summarizing information, etc.). SLPs can use the Common Core Standards to guide their curriculum-based therapy.

To use the charts, here is an example: if a student is in 5th grade, but functioning closer to the 2nd grade standard, the SLP can look back at earlier grade level expectations and analyze the skills needed for the student to progress towards the grade level standard.  The SLP can then look at evidence-based strategies for developing these skills.   SLPs can also use this information to explain to teachers, parents, and administrators on how we impact and support student achievement. Knowing the standards for the levels of students on our caseload can also help SLPs to prioritize what is most important for therapy focus. Since SLPs work with multiple grade levels, the standards charts can make it easier to locate the grade level standards and to develop therapy interventions that address student needs from multiple grade levels (e.g., a language group with 6th & 7th grade students). While a great number of the standards address language skills, there is application for conversation and speaking skills that relates to articulation, fluency, voice and overall intelligibility.   Lozo, D. (2012). Using the common core: What SLPs need to know. GO SSLP Newsletter. Atlanta, GA: Georgia Organization of School-Based Speech-Language Pathologists, Vol. 28.  
Standards Charts and Other Resources -including Checklists   Listening/Speaking K-12 Language K-12     
Vocabulary K-12 Reading K-12   Another way of looking at the standards: Compiled by Jennifer Cripps-Ludlum, Gwinnett County Schools Artic-phonology  Grammar Pragmatic Vocabulary Listening Question skills     Checklists: Listed below are checklists based upon the Common Core and research on language development. The checklists are targeted for teachers, therapists, and other school staff to help in gathering information on classroom functioning related to language skills and meeting the Common Core standards. SLP departments in school districts may want to further "unpack" language skills as many of the standards are broad and need to be separated into smaller skill units. The checklists listed below are a starting point in developing instruments to gather information on student language skills.   A great suggestion -  interview the main classroom teacher(s) to really target student weaknesses related to the standards and the checklist. Sometimes, there can be different interpretations. The interview can really help to pin-point areas of difficulty. The form provided includes room for interview and/or comments on each of the major strands in the language arts common core.   PreK Speech StandardsCompiled by Rene' Seals, Newton County Schools Kdg. 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade