Advisory Board

When forming GO SSLP, the founders saw a need for a leadership structure that would allow the organization to work seamlessly while maintaining the flexibility to allow for changes based on the needs of the membership. As a result, a model of leadership by an Advisory Board was chosen.

The GO SSLP Advisory Board is responsible for oversight of the associations business and does so by meeting six times per year. 

All GO SSLP members are welcome to attend Advisory Board meetings and your active participation is encouraged. 

OrganizationLeadership Team

Michelle Carter, MS, CCC-SLP - *President
Margaret Lohner, Ed.S., CCC-SLP - *Vice President

Patti Howard, Ed.D., CCC-SLP - *Past President
Vacant - *Finance Chair

Regional Representatives

Tammy Sutton, Ed.S., SLP - *East GA, East Central GA

Mary Sisk, M.Ed., SLP - *Northwest GA, North Central GA
Vacant - *Southeast GA, Coastal GA
Rebecca Murphy, M.Ed., CCC-SLP - *West Central GA, West GA
Vacant - *Southwest GA, South Central GA, South GA
Vacant - *Northeast GA, North GA
Darla Spire, CCC-SLP- *Metro Atlanta Region
Shannon Hammonds, Ed.S., CCC-SLP- *Metro South, Middle GA

Committee Chairs

if you are interested in volunteering with GO SSLP, please click any of the names below to contact the appropriate committee member.

Allison Ellis, MS, CCC-SLP - *Continuing Education Chair
Vacant - Continuing Education Co-Chair 
Melanie Hines, Ed. S., CCC-SLP - ASHA CE Administrator 
Tyler Warner, MCD, CCC-SLP - Volunteer Chair
Christa Stapp, M.Ed.-SLP - *Membership Chair
Joy Vivian, SLPD, CCC-SLP - Membership Co-Chair
Vacant, Ed.S., SLP- *Recruitment & Retention Chair
Vicky Carter, MA, CCC-SLP, Ed.S. - *Advocacy Chair

Mary SiskM.Ed., SLP - Communications/Website Chair
Vacant - Historian

Best Practices Committee Chairs attend Advisory Board meetings as needed.

*Denotes a Voting member of the Advisory Board

 Roles and Responsibilities

RR Communications/Website (June, 2019)
RR Regional Representatives (June, 2019)
RR Recruitment and Retention Chair (June, 2019) 
RR Past President (June, 2019)
RR Nominations (June, 2019)
RR Membership Chair (June, 2019)
RR Legislative (June, 2019)
RR Historian (June, 2019)
RR Treasurer (June, 2019)
RR Continuing Education Chair (June, 2019)
RR Vice President (June, 2019)
RR President (June, 2019)