Awards & Honors


 Honors of the Organization

Each year, GO SSLP awards the Honors of the Organization to an individual who has a positive history and association with GO SSLP.

These individuals:

  • Have made outstanding contributions beyond those expected in an individual's job
  • Have made significant contributions to the profession and/or through community affairs
  • Exhibits leadership characteristics that are considered a positive role model for others

2019 Honors of the Organization Winner: Michelle Carter

Exemplary SLP Award

GO SSLP is honors the hard work and dedication of its members!

This award has been developed for practicing GO SSLP members working in the schools.

These individuals have made significant contributions to the practice of speech-language pathology in one or more of Georgia's schools

Contributions can include (but are not limited to)

  • innovative therapy practices,
  • professional activities,
  • school-based impact,
  • community involvement,
  • and many others.

Please honor the hard work and dedication of one of your peers by nominating them for this award. 

Click here to download the Exemplary SLP Nomination Form.

2018 Exemplary SLP Winner: Robin Rivers

Outstanding Leadership Award

GO SSLP would like to honor the dedication and hard work of not only SLP’s who may or may not carry a case load but those who demonstrate excellence in leading. These are SLPs in positions who support other school-based SLPs in both administrative roles as well providing professional support in all facets of the job including (but not limited to):

  • Development of professional learning and continuing education needs to support effective therapeutic practices (ex. in-services, team meetings, etc.). Demonstrate responsiveness to the needs of the group of SLPs they lead.
  •  Support with due process procedures and guidance for both county and state mandates. Demonstrate vision and goal setting practices for the speech-language department they lead to ensure best practices among their district.

GOSSLP is currently seeking nominations for qualified candidates that exhibit these “Excellence in Leadership” qualities in both ethical and professional practices. 

If you know of someone or have the privilege of working with someone who both inspires and motivates others in a leadership role in your district, please fill out the nomination form in recognition for this prestigious Outstanding Leadership Award Award.

Application period is August 1st through December 31st. Recipient will be notified by February 15th.

Click here to download the Outstanding Leadership Nomination Form.