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Welcome to GO SSLP!

The Georgia Organization of School-Based Speech Language Pathologists is the only organization in Georgia that focuses on issues related to speech-language pathology services in schools.

GO SSLP is dedicated to a number of issues specifically affecting the school-based speech language pathologists. These issues include caseload size, FTE funding, salary supplements, certification, and licensure. We also provide our members with continuing education and a regular newsletter.


On June 23, 2014 the GO SSLP Advisory Team agreed to change the GO SSLP membership year.  Currently, the GO SSLP membership year runs from January 1st through December 31st.  The new membership year will reflect a “school year” and run from August 1st to July 31st.  We will keep you updated as these changes go into effect in your GO SSLP online member profile.

Please visit the GO SSLP Membership Page for additional renewal information and membership discounts!


Registration is now closed.  

If you would like to be put on a wait list, please contact 404-299-7700.

Questions about FTE and the Best Practices Conference?

Many SLPs have had questions about whether SLPs can attend the conference due to the date being the FTE count day. We requested clarification from the Department of Education and received the following information:

  • You can count students without actually serving them on the day of the count, as long as you meet the FTE criteria.
  • Excerpt from the FTE Guidance Manual: Prior Ten Days: A student must have attended class for at least one of the prior ten school days before the FTE count
  • Excerpt from the FTE Guidance Manual: Enrolled in an Instructional Class: A student must be enrolled in an instructional program to earn FTE funding for that segment. The student must be regularly scheduled to receive services on the count day. Funding should be based on the student's needs and the ability of the school to regularly schedule those services. Student schedules should not be rearranged for the purpose of earning FTE funding.
  • FTE Guidance Manual - click here.

GO SSLP Proposed Bylaws

Click here for the proposed Bylaws of the Organization.

Send feedback to

Please consider proposing a Poster Session!

Please email bridget@jlh-consulting if you have questions about submitting a poster after the deadline.  Please click on this link for more information!

Nominations for Chair and Co-Chair of GO SSLP have closed.

The next GO SSLP Chair and Co-Chair will be announced at Best Practices 2015 

Nominations for Exemplary SLP have closed.

Exemplary SLP will be announced at Best Practices 2015.

Questions about your annual evaluation and the Georgia Teacher Keyes?

Listed below is a link to the Georgia Teacher Keyes Handbook and if you click on this link, we have scanned the page dealing with evaluations for SLPs. SLPs are part of a group of "Contributing Professionals" who are not evaluated on the new instrument.

Link for complete handbook:   

GO SSLP Encourages you to be a Participant in ASHA's Student Mentor Program!


Click here for more information

Other Happenings

  • Just a heads up for anyone with a GA SLP License....  "Under Georgia Law, all licensees who renew a license much submit secure and verifiable documentation with their renewal." You need to verify that your license status is "Active" NOT "Active-renewal pending". If your license is pending, then the board does not have a copy of your driver's license or passport and you will need to submit those documents to have your license cleared. Go to the website and search for your name:     If you need to submit documents – here is the link with the information on how to do this… 
  • New! GO SSLP provides ADDITIONAL MEMBER BENEFITS! GO SSLP is partnering with AFLAC to provide discounted benefits. Click here for more information. Click on this link for an informational video
  • Concerned about Medicaid Services in Schools? Click here for talking points. Consider writing about your concerns!
  • As a benefit of membership in GO SSLP, this website is your resource for all the latest association news. What would you like to see posted? Click here to share your thoughts.

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